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June Special Udon by Meiji Seimen

We offer monthly special udon every month.

June's monthly special is Eel Udon with Japanese style risotto (Ocha-zuke) and starts from 6/6(Mon).

10 servings are available during dinner from Mon-Thu.Check out the video below and see how you can enjoy Japanese style Risotto with this special Udon.

What is best spot to eat authentic and healthy Japanese noodle?

Come try Meiji Seimen located in Costa Mesa.If you live in Orange County, you must stop by!!.

All our noodles are handcrafted freshly every morning by noodle professionals.

Udon and Soba powders are imported directly from Japan to achieve same quality you can eat in Japan.

Eel with our broth tastes perfectly delicious. Our broth is made with 3 different kinds of Bonito. It's all natural ingredients. Healthy for everyone!!.

Put some of the broth and Eel over the White rice. Enjoy tasty Japanese-style risotto called Ocha-zuke.

starting from 6/6(Mon) 10 servings are available during dinner from Mon-Thu.

It usually gets sold out pretty quickly after we open for dinner. This special is only for dine-in customers.

if you are looking for an authentic Japanese noodle experience, Come to Meiji Seimen.

Meiji Seimen

1113 Baker St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626


We have online orders for the regular menu.


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