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Brand New (sort of) Meiji Noodle

Meiji Lake Forest Location had been going through so many changes for the last few months.

Meiji noodle Lake Forest opened about a year ago asking ourselves how we can serve "healthy fast food" for people who work in the area. We served our signature handmade udon noodle dish and seafood bowls self-service style for customers who were looking to get quick lunch on their lunch break.

After a while we realized it was a great decision for lunch time, but not for dinner time. At dinner time we have a lot of family oriented customers and they were looking to sit down and relax at our tables. Perhaps enjoy a drink or two.

So we invited executive chefs from our branch restaurants to train our chefs to be able to cook professional quality noodles in a "fast food restaurant speed" for our lunch time customers. We also received a countless hours of training how to cook new items from Original Meiji dinner menus for dinner time. Compromise was not an option for us. Original Meiji Costa Mesa Location has been one of the most popular Japanese restaurants in the area for several years and we could not ruin their reputations serving mediocre food. Keep the authenticity and quality but serve the dish faster for lunch time, and also expand our food menu and drink menu for dinner time.

Our transformation was not easy but we are confident now to say "this is the brand new re-born Meiji Lake Forest" and ready to hold an event for customers who have been so patient with us.

We call it "Grand Re-opening"

on June 3rd Monday through June 8th Saturday we are giving away free sushi rolls for first 60 customers who purchase our noodle dish all 5 days long (Lunch time only).

We are keeping our beloved handmade noodles and seafood bowls on the menu and our friendly service. Not only we have added Soba noodles as a healthier option for lunch and dinner time both, but also trained our dinner staff to wait tables so our customers can sit down, relax and enjoy our expanded menu.

Please come join us and enjoy sushi rolls on us and see if you like changed and improved Meiji Noodle Lake Forest Location for yourself.

22611 Lake Forest Dr. #6

Lake Forest, CA 92630

Call: 949 652 5188


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