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Handmade SOBA @ Meiji Lake Forest

Finally! We have started serving handmade soba noodles at our Lake Forest location!

California seems to be out of the unusual long gloomy days and the sun started to shine a lot stronger and longer in the evening.

Our cold soba (Zaru Soba) is a perfect choice for you when you are feeling a little hot and don't feel like eating greasy heavy lunch.

Our hot soba is so comforting plus it is good for your liver! (What a great news for us big drinkers.) It will warm you right up from inside, so come in for a late night snack (Now we are open till 10pm Mon-Thu, 10:30pm Fri, Sat.)!

Our handmade soba are made from scratch every morning using traditional techniques by our noodle masters. Our soup is also made from scratch using traditional ingredients.

Come try our new noodles with our new expanded menu (for dinner time) if you're a fan of our original Meiji (Costa Mesa location), you love authentic Japanese food, or try to eat healthy! ...or all of the above!

Tempura Zaru

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22611 Lake Forest Dr. Ste C6, Lake Forest, CA 92630


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