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It's Cold Outside

California doesn't really have four seasons, but it is getting a little chilly outside lately. I love getting some Oden and Noodle bowls when it's a little cold. Meiji Seimen (Costa Mesa) location is a perfect place to get them both. Oden is traditional Japanese winter dish that is very popular among any age groups. Many variety of vegetables and fish cakes are stewed in a freshly made savory fish and kelp broth and it is for sure to make you warm up from the inside. All the ingredients soaked up the hot delicious broth since they are stewed in it for at least few hours before they are served to you. Add a little bit of Karashi mustard if you love a little bit of a kick to this comfort food. Meiji Seimen is known for their noodle dishes as I mentioned it in the previous blog so I won't get into it deep today, but if you haven't tried their noodle dishes, you should give it a try because I am sure you won't regret it! Keep warm and we will see you there! (pic📷:my favorite Oden! Daikon Radish)


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