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Wagyu Shabu surprise famous foodie's tast-buds

Some of the famous foodies in Orange County already tried Meiji Seimen October Special Udon which is "Wagyu Shabu Udo" 10 servings available during dinner!! Be the lucky one to enjoy this delicious udon.


One of the most well known instagramer who introduce best restaurants in Orange County.

if you are looking to find something new and delicious, it is fun to go through his page and find next trip to taste!!


One of the most passionated food photographer who works in Orange County and introduce best dishes you need to know. She is also blogger. Her talent never stop and keep growing!!


She is Orange County base life blogger who also focus her life style and introducing best things around her life.I am so sure she knows best restaurant too!! It is really fun to explore something new for your life though her life experience.

Now it is your turn to enjoy our delicious Wagyu Shabu Udon!!

Enjoy Udon

Enjoy Wagyu!! 10 servings limited during dinner.


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